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01 December 2010 @ 12:07 am
New Information!  
We finally have some new information about our long awaited spin-off.  Cityland have finally released character bios for each of the five main characters.  Under the cut for spoilers!

Rupert Giles is a typically British ex-watcher, formerly employed by the now non-existent Watcher’s Council. Having played a vital role in the destruction of the Sunnydale hellmouth, he continues to help protect the world from the forces of darkness in Cleveland. Giles is perhaps the intelligent member of the group, usually responsible for research and planning, but is able to fight well when it is necessary.

Faith Lehane is the ‘other slayer’ – from the second slayer line that came about when Buffy died in season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The rebellious type, Faith has always seen slaying as fun. However having broken out of jail and joined Buffy and the potentials in destroying Sunnydale and closing its hellmouth, she now takes her duty more seriously and is an important part of the gang in Cleveland.

Willow Rosenberg is the Wiccan of the group. It is thanks to her that the many potential slayers across the world now have access to their full power. Willow is also a computer whiz, helping Giles with research and able to hack into government files if need be. An incredibly powerful woman, Willow was sad to break up the ‘Scooby gang’, but continues to fight the good fight alongside Faith and Blair; the resident slayers of Cleveland.

Xander Harris is the one-eyed wonder. Having lost his eye during a fight with Caleb, he is more determined now than ever to be involved in the battle with evil. Xander is still the one who sees, as he is often left out of actual fighting in favour of protecting his remaining body parts. Still employed in construction, he provides the base for the Cleveland gang.

Blair Campbell is a new slayer, having gained her power from Willow’s spell. A Texan of German descent, Blair is under the guidance of Faith and Giles in the constant battle against evil. And what better place to learn her trade than a hellmouth? Blair is often the one to point out the obvious, and is a fearless fighter. Giles often remarks that she is just like Buffy was at that age.